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Web Analytics: How to know your customers and measure your success

Actionable Web AnalyticsE ven a simple website becomes a very complicated system when you include the site’s visitors and their behavior in your analysis.

Their interactions with the website, its content, your offers adds near infinite complexity to the whole system. What if you have 20,000 pages and products and 500,000 visitors? When there are so many things going on at the same time how do you get a grip on it? The website is busy, alright, but are your efforts successful or failing?

Why, by deploying a Web Analytics, of course!  Correct, but not nearly complete.
Here is why:

A Web Analytics package could be deployed easily and quickly and it will gather enormous amount of precious data for you. Paradoxically, this is the point where most companies stop working with this wonderful tool. The executives  might get their monthly automatically generated reports, the managers – overwhelming data dumps  pulled by webmasters for a status meeting and all magnificent potential of the knowledge inside ends up as numbers and stats.

There is another way to use Web Analytics:

  • actionable,
  • pro-active,
  • integrated.

and this is how we do Web Analytics.

Actionable Web Analytics: Instead of raw data dumps you will receive the actual analysis along with  recommended actions to take in order to improve the performance. You will know, for example, what pages need to be changed and how they should be changed, what offers have to be modified and how they should be modified.  Every piece of data means something and so it will be used to make improvements.

Pro-active :  Every marketing campaign or web initiative of your company will be measured as well. However, if done ad hoc, the stats of your campaigns will not be comparable with each other: proverbial apples and oranges. Hardly useful. Instead, Web Analytics experts should be working with your marketing team during planning stages of a new campaign in order to structure and scale it properly, so the results of various campaigns will be comparable. Then you can see what campaign was the overall winner, where it shines and how to replicate it.

Integrated: Marketing campaigns nowadays are spread among several channels: paid ads, videos, social networks, telemarketing, post cards, coupons etc. Customers respond to your efforts also differently: via phone, via the website or by walking into your store, by subscribing, by filling out a form, by buying a product, by redeeming a coupon or by donating money. To see all these activities in one place and on a common scale Web Analytics has to be highly integrated with all those channels and events.

We have great success working with Google Analytics (GA) package. We highly recommend this platform to all our clients. One of the main reasons: the software is free of both upfront and monthly charges. The clients will never outgrow the features of their GA package. An extended library of 3rd party add-on modules written specifically for the GA, makes its functional scope even more impressive.

Let’s help you get to know your customers, their tastes and preferences, their needs and wishes.

In return, your customers will love you and your business like never before.

Let us help you to measure your own success.

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