Convert More Visitors

What your visitors want and how to talk to them

Convert Visitors Into CustomersYou spent your time, money and energy to get visitors to your website. They are there now. It is now time to change them from visitors to customers (or leads). You convert your effort into something your business can work with.

The page of your website where your visitors landed first makes the proverbial first impression. You got to make it right and efficient, magnetic and compelling. But how?

There are common sense principles and cultural tendencies that your pages’ look and content should convey. However, there are so many unknowns, so many styles, options, ways, variants and tactics available it is easy to get confused and distracted. Overwhelmed, many just leave it as is… giving up on the goldmine you are sitting on.

Although nobody can tell you what conversion strategy will work the best in your business, YOU can find it out. This is the fun part because while visitor is on your site you have much more control over what is going on and you have means to improve on it and make it better!

Small, 2%-3% increase in your conversion rate can easily double your sales.

You track your visitors and their interactions with your website. You know where they’ve come from, what their interests are, whether they like your offer or not. With proper tracking you can measure exactly what return on your investment (ROI) your new offer or your new marketing campaign brings in. We are talking about measurable results here, try that with the Yellow Pages or printed ads… When you read your tracking statistics right, it clearly show your winners and bottlenecks, what works and what needs immediate fixing.

When you have your tracking in place and working, you can start optimizing your conversion process by split-testing different versions of your pages, your offers, texts, pictures, font, colors etc. Going through all these infinite variations may look like an endless hair splitting process, so why bother?  You should because this process is extremely profitable for your business: even a small increase like 2%-3% of your conversion rate can easily double your sales at this point. That’s powerful stuff.

By this moment the “machine” of your website is already working. You already have your customers and prospects that you and your business can work with. The number of customers a month is constantly increasing and they are better focused and qualified.

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