Get more results with little risk

Expand Business Via Web
At this stage you expand and amplify everything that is working.

It is not a wild guess anymore, it is not your “starry eyes” dream, not a risky trial and error leap of faith because you already know what brings profit to you. Whatever you do at this stage is increasingly profitable.

If you know what your best converting offer is, then show it to more and more interested people.  Advertise on more networks, get found on more engines, get known in social networks.

Whatever you do at this stage is increasingly profitable.

If you’ve learned what your customers’ interests and motivations are then introduce additional products and services that you’ve never thought of before. Offer a continuity program, enter a new geographical area, create an irresistible up-sell.

If you know and monitor your competition’s strength and weaknesses and fully aware of your own position and the value you bring to your market, whether local or global, then start a community, become the expert, the authority to go to when your service or product is needed.

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