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Local Businesses: Get More Local Leads And Customers

J  eff K. runs a small business supplying local business offices with coffee. He has great selection of coffee beans, friendly service, and he operates within 20 miles area. He does not care about national brand exposure or world domination. But he wants to be known to all locals who is looking for coffee at the moment.

Would you agree, that for Jeff and his coffee roasting and supplies operation only Local Search Positioning makes sense? If we tell you that currently 65% of all Web Searches have some kind of location qualifier, would you say that your business could also pick new customers from people searching for your services locally?

Marketing and positioning of a website within a geographical area requires different processes than those for a company with national or worldwide presence. It’s a different game altogether and it also requires a clear plan.

Whether we’re just starting with your business or correcting someone else’s job we guarantee your business’ exposure will increase many folds. It’s a bold claim but the results of our work will be properly measured and documented for you, dear business owner, to see.

Businesses and your regional details vary, so let’s talk about your specific situation first: please call us (toll-free) 888-609-5399. In the meantime, pull your free report about your business‘ standing on the local scene and see who’s getting all your leads and customers.

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