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online reputation managementThe online reputation of your company usually affects sales in a dramatic way.

Whether it was an unscrupulous competitor, a disgruntled ex-employee, or a real unhappy customer who posted comments online, when your prospective customers see a negative review or an article about your company they normally shy away from such a risky bet of transacting with your business.
Worse: such comments are stuck to your company name and fetched by search engines every time someone is looking for your company’s services or products.

Reputation management involves building a showcase of REAL positive testimonials from your actual customers, monitoring the internet for negative comments and reviews and, if they are found – downplaying them and counterbalancing them.

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At some point of development of your company, the process of reputation management becomes a necessary activity because the more customers you have, the higher your chances of receiving a bad feedback.

A good reputation takes years to build and just minutes to destroy. They say “one unhappy customer takes 9 happy ones away from your business”.

Surprisingly most business owners or company executives do not even realize they have an Online Reputation problem. They lose a lot of business every day because of that but don’t know about this drain.
When people involved in management of the business get aware of their Online Reputation problem they move quickly to fix it ASAP.

Because if that’s the case with your company, Online Reputation Management could yield a better Return On Investment than advertising.

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