Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

You pay only if we improve your Click-Through-Rate

Paid Search Advertisement: precision targeting, measurable ROI, instant results.

G oogle AdWords, Microsoft/Bing AdCenter, Facebook  and other paid search advertisement programs are a key component of an effective online marketing campaign.

As you might know, in Pay-Per-Click Advertisement your ad is shown in preferential positions on the Search Results Page (which is good) and in return you pay every time someone clicks the ad (which is treacherous).

So how do you deal with that?  Precision is the key here: ad campaigns should be controlled with a specific daily budget, key bids – monitored and adjusted, campaigns – geo-targeted to any given town or city, or can be displayed at specific times of day, ad texts should resonate with the intended audience.

If your PPC campaigns are tuned and well targeted, Pay-Per-Click advertisement is a real treasure trove, it feels like a machine is printing money for you. If your campaigns do not perform well, then the “machine” will burn through your money as quickly.

We are able to finely target pay per click campaigns through various mediums, to reach specific groups of people, age groups, geographic locations, or any combination of these parameters. This ensures that you pay only for responses from your intended target market.

PPC advertisement is half-art and half-science. The science part will help to architect and segment your campaigns and the tools will help to monitor and evolve them. The art part comes with creating targeted ads and matching them with the language and intent of your audience. There are no tools for that.

We love PPC advertisement and our clients love the results. On general, non “long-tail” (ie non-specific) keywords, our ads perform with CTRs of 3%-4% which is 2 times the average of Google and Bing. CTR on our Facebook ads are between 0.1% and 0.2% (0.05% is the Facebook’s average).

We are so confident that we’ll improve performance of your PPC campaigns that we’d like to make another BOLD STATEMENT:

you will pay only if we send you more leads by increasing your Click-Through-Rate, or send you the same number of leads but cheaper.

If you think of a Pay Per Click campaign as a megaphone that amplifies your message, the importance of what you say and how you say it becomes obvious and dramatic.

When you pay for clicks, every word you sent to the world should count.

Agree? So let’s talk about your specific campaigns and details: first, please call us (727) 433-8929

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